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Announcements for April 21, 2024

 Our mission is to share God’s love with each other, our community, and the world.      

♦   PEACE Update: Monday, April 29th at 6:30 -- the annual Nehemiah Action at Resurrection Catholic Church in Lakeland. This is one of the most important gatherings of the year. We want to have as many members from Grace as possible to attend. Please talk to Tom Hager or Dan Stoller.

♦   Backpack Ministry Needs:  We are in need of Ramen Noodles and Peanut Butter.  Please leave your donations in the fellowship hall.

♦   Graceful Giving:  Grace bought a farm! Can we do it again?  Grace has purchased farm animals in the past, as well as purchasing a well to supply safe drinking water and a means to irrigate crops.  Our goal this year is to purchase a complete farm as we have done in the past.  The purpose of these farms is to provide immediate food plus future growth for a sustainable food supply for a community.  We don’t know where this farm will be, or what it will look like.  It may be a cow, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, etc.   Maybe it will be sheep for the wool and meat or chickens for eggs and meat, cows or goats for milk and meat.  Or maybe a fish farm. What we do know is it will be stocked with whatever is appropriate for the region selected.  There will also be guidance in the operation of the farm. To help in this project just make your check out to Grace Lutheran Church and designate it for God’s Global Barnyard.  

♦   Friendship Pads:  All who are worshipping with us today, especially those who are visiting with us, are invited to sign the Friendship Pad that is at the center aisle end of the pew. Please list your phone number if you are visiting. We would like to be in touch with you and to welcome you to our gathering.  After you sign it, please pass it down the pew to others.

♦   Prayer List Updates:  It is our privilege to pray for one another.  If you have requested prayer for yourself or someone else, please let the office know if that person’s need for prayer has passed.

♦   Prayer list: Mary Buschbacher,  Mabel Carreira, Mike Childs, Anna Mae Chinault, Doris Cirillo, Jan Clark, Chuck Cover, Ann Daffer, Julie Dunston, Carol Grzegorczyk, Anne Guilford, Tom Haydock, Lydia Hodge, Brian Hosty, Paul Klockowski, Wil Krell, Amy Krell, Bob & Jane Lemley, Mary Lemley, Scott Listy, Irene Lombardi, Ron & Flo Mari, Carla McGee, Barbara McPeak, Mac McPeak, Monica Mencia, Avery Monroe,  Doris Muszynski, Dottie Myers, John Shamp, Tim Simpson, Betty Smith, Pastor Pam Smith, Linda Springer, Jeff Tanner, Henry Tomlinson, Gary Venable, Mary Venable, Greg Wasserman, Helen & Ron Wettleson, and Max Wickham.’

♦   Social Ministry Update:  The items for Anchor House are schedule for drop off April 18.    We collected 500 items plus cash donations of $110. Collection of bags was dropped off to VISTE & Meals on wheels, total 250. Check the bulletin board in the narthex for information.    Noteworthy events: bulletin board in narthex has been updated.  Correspondence from VISTE, a thank you note of last month’s money sent.  Schedule with VISTE, Steve Bissonnette will be with us on June 2, 2024.  May collection is Rez House.

♦   Parish News:  

  • Assisting Minister  Barbara CarpaniniUshers - Kevin & Cheri Zarnstorff

  • Altar flowers  was given on April 14th from John Edwards in memory of Carol Edwards.
  • Happy Birthday to Barbara Hagen as she celebrates her birthday on  April 21st.

  • Happy Anniversary to Marty & Sharon Lewis on their wedding anniversary on April 21st.  Congratulations!
  • Check out our web site at:  New announcements posted regularly. Livestreams posted after worship services so you can view them again.

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