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Psalm 23 – Holy Cow!

Many remember Harry Carey, the longtime “voice of the Chicago Cubs.’ Famous for his repeated chant after a winning game, “Holy Cow! Cubs Win! Holy Cow!” It is an exclamation of great surprise or excitement, appropriate for the Cubs during their long history of losing streaks.

When was your last “Holy Cow” moment? Have they been few and far between during this difficult time/ Or have you experienced them in the midst of all the fear, suffering and division with which we are living?

But Psalm 23 is about sheep. So why are we talking about cows, even holy ones? Because “Holy Cow” reflects the kind of excitement and unexpected surprise at the kind of life Psalm 23 offers to us. It is life with over the top abundance even in, maybe especially in, difficult times. And that’s the big exciting surprise – well-being, peace, wholeness is ours anytime and anywhere.

Like sheep, we have a strong herding instinct. We follow, we wander, we are vulnerable, we are easily lost. Without guidance we go astray. Sheep can nibble themselves lost. And so can we. Sheep need a real shepherd who provides the green pastures and still waters they need. And so do we.

Simon Tugwell: “God follows us into our own darkness. Wherever we have got to whatever we have done, however many cues we have missed, however many wrong turns we have taken, however complicated we have made our lives, that is the place where God comes to us to begin the journey back to the flock;” back to nourishment, rest, renewal; back to Holy Cow abundant living – where we are safe and well because of the shepherd. The shepherd leads us out into the world to make God’s kingdom a reality there, calling others to abundant and safe pasture where all may proclaim with awe, even in darkness, “Holy Cow! Abundant Life! Holy Cow!”

Pastor Marilyn Crosby is a friend and colleague of Pastor Pam, former pastor of Gloria Dei Lutheran in Leesburg, Fl, now retired and living in Zephyrhills. She will offer occasional contributions during this “safer-athome” time.