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The Legacy of 9/11
Rev. Dr. Kim McLean
Trivecca University

On September 11, 21 years ago, every tomorrow changed. On that day, this nation's paradigm shifted and our Rock of Gibraltar confidence was shaken to the core. But our vulnerability exposed all the more strength, all the more courage, as trials often do. As I think about tomorrow, I am reminded that when we are truly UNITED as our name United States of America proclaims, we stand. United we stand. We stand for what is good, and right, and human, under God. Our most recent trials in this country have me feeling like we are stuck in the dark before the dawn, but tomorrow, I am going to remember what I learned about us 21 years ago. Resilience hides in the secret places of wisdom, faith, hope, and love. These things can never be destroyed. Whatever may come, they rise again. 
Much love,

Father Mychal Judge 
City of New York
Fire Department
10 September 2001

“Good days, bad days, but never
a boring day on this job. 
You do what God called you to do. 
You show up, you put one foot 
in front of the other, 
and you do your job 
which is a mystery and a surprise. 
You have no idea when you get in the rig, 
what God is calling you to do. 
But He needs you…so keep going. 
Keep supporting each other, 
be kind to each other,
love each other, work together. 
You love the job, we all do. 
What a blessing that is."

Fr. Judge was a Franciscan friar and Catholic priest, and was the first certified fatality of the September 11, 2001 attacks.