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May 2024

The next step in the call process is for the congregational council to complete the Transition Process Checklist, which documents administrative and financial milestones which have been completed or need further work.

Concurrently, our council will start preparation for voting on Call Committee members.  This committee should be as representative of the whole congregation as possible, including newer members and longer term members, older and younger members, diversity with a balance of female and male members, and representation of various ministries and programs of the congregation.  All people with an interest in participation should leave their names with the church office.

May 2024

The Reverend Joyce Gulliford has been selected by the bishop's office as our new interim pastor while we work through the call process.  Pastor Joyce will start at Grace on May 7th and be in the office or on local visits two weekdays each week.  Her first Sunday service with us will be May 12th.

Pastor Joyce Gulliford

April 2024

The search for our next pastor is being guided by Pastor Nicole Eastwood, the Assistant to the Bishop for Transitions.  A Florida native from Jacksonville, she began working in ministry while in college and spent two summers on staff at Luther Springs.  After 20 years as a lay leader in synod congregations, she became an ordained pastor, serving in Vero Beach.  Pr Nicole joined the bishop's staff on November 1, 2023.


Pastor Nicole Eastwood

Pr Nicole is working to identify a transistion pastor who can provide our worship and pastoral needs during the call process.  Until that person is in place, Pastor Mary Gilthvedt has agreed to serve as a supply pastor.

Pastor Mary Gilthvedt

Any members desiring to participate on the call committee can submit their names to the church office.  The congregational council will be voting about the commitee at one of their upcoming meetings.