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Email Abuses. Once again, we are facing an abuse with an attempt to defraud. Some of you may receive email using church names that are familiar and friendly, but if you look more closely, the email addresses associated are not those our friends use.

PLEASE if you receive an email purporting to be from Pastor or from our president, Naomi, or our past president, Marty, or anyone else at Grace requesting that you purchase gift cards, DO NOT DO IT no matter how persuasive the message may be. Call Pastor instead.

You can also report the message in your email software as a phishing attempt, you can send it to spam, you can simply delete it.  Do not go buy gift cards. We hate it that our email communication is being hijacked in this way. But we should be safe if we don't take the bait. You can certainly change your password. You can block certain senders. This is a small part of our email use as we depend on this to stay connected. Be wise. Be safe. All will be well.