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While we are not meeting in person, we want to help with your home worship activities by making sure you have a hymnal in your home in addition to your Bible.  This will help you participate in our online worship and can be an enlightening means of study as well.  Beside the familiar Worship Settings and Services, and the extensive hymn section, take note that in the front we have a complete church calendar and a full list of Sunday propers (readings) for the church years (we are just finishing up Year A).  After the services we find many prayers and then the Psalms.  Finally, at the back is Luther's Small Catechism and several indexes for hymns, tunes, composers, and liturgies.  Make good use of your hymnal!  Remember that you don't always have to sing the hymns -- hymns are written to be poetry, prayers, blessings, and instructions.  And singing a familiar hymn tune in your head can brighten your day.  

If you do not have a hymnal at home, please take one from the church ("borrow") since we are not using them right now.  Ask for one when you drive by or when you do a drop-off.

Below you will find some resources for using hymnals at home.

Resources from Sing! The Center for Congregational Song  (


During this time of pandemic, many churches are sending hymnals home with their congregants. If your church hasn’t sent hymnals home, we encourage you to purchase or find access to a hymnal for use at home. Below are three resources for helping you to learn how to use a hymnal at home or in small groups.

First is a 1-page introduction to the importance of hymnals by Dr. Paul Westermeyer, FHS. He is Emeritus Professor of Church Music at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he taught, served as the Cantor, and directed the Master of Sacred Music degree program with St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota.

>Hymns in the Home - Westerfield

Second is a 2-page document by Dr. C. Michael Hawn that includes resources based on the lectionary, ideas for hymn based bible studies, and more. C. Michael Hawn, D.M.A., is University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Church Music and Director of the Doctor of Pastoral Music Program in Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University.

Hymns in the Home - Hawn

And finally, a video by Center Director Brian Hehn. This short introductory video is great for people who have never used a hymnal before.