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Back to School:  Social Ministry focus for the month of August is supplies for Oscar J. Pope Elementary School.  

Thank you for your generosity in assisting Oscar J. Pope Elementary School.   The following donations were given to the school:       

40 crayons
27 glue sticks
36 bar erasers
90 eraser caps
 15 supply boxes
 56 subject notebooks
 28 hand sanitizers
   6 boxes of facial tissues
4,340 sheets of notebook paper
  29 pencil sharpeners
500 sheets of copy paper
    4 one inch three-ring binders
  84 color pencils
  28 pens
  25 rulers
    7 binder pouches 
 854 pencils
   24 composition books
    4 dispensers of disinfectant wipes
  27 scissors
294 folders
    3 glue bottles